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How to Change Netgear Password or Network name?

Change Netgear Password or Network name

If you are going to set up a new Wireless Network through Netgear router and you think it is going to be all bed of roses, let me break this little delusion of yours.

Some Netgear router users have reported that they faced problems in setting up the wireless network.

Some of these wireless networking setup issues are:

  • Not able to connect to the network due to a forgotten password.
  • Failed authentication due to wrong wifi password.
  • The wireless network name skipped out of your mind.
  • Unable to add a device to your wireless network.
  • Verification and certification error.
  • Unable to get a secure wifi connection and fast speed.
  • Trouble in adding or removing a network profile.
  • Low wireless signal and short range.

Among all the above mentioned issues, forgotten wifi passwords and network names top the list of user problems related to net gear router set up.

How to change wifi password or network names?

  • Launch your preferable internet browser and enter or in the address bar.
  • Enter the default username and password when the relevant window opens, the default username and password is ‘admin’ and ‘password’ respectively.
  • Click on ‘ok’ after filling in the essentials to open the home page.
  • Now select wireless and enter the new network name in the SSID field.
  • Also, enter your new password in the network key field.
  • To save the changes made, click on apply button.

If after changing the network name and password, your wireless network disconnects, view the available network again and enter the updates password and network name.

There is one other way to resolve problems related to your Netgear router, which are complex enough to be solved in any other way. It is the option of factory reset.

Now, this should be conducted under extreme conditions when no other solution works because a factory reset deletes all personalized settings including your user name, password, Wifi network name (SSID), and security settings. A factory reset is unavoidable when you cannot recover your password.

Follow the below mentioned steps to perform a factory reset on your Netgear wireless network:

  • The first and foremost thing to ensure is that the power light of your network is on.
  • In order to reset your Netgear Router, locate the reset or restore factory settings button at the back of your router.
  • Press and hold the reset or restore factory settings buttons for duration of 7-10 seconds. You can make use of an object like a paper pin to press and hold the button for that very duration.
  • Your router will reset as soon as you reset the reset or restore factory settings button on the back of your router.

To login to your router again, make use of your default login username (admin) and password (password). You can then change your network name and password following the steps mentioned prior in the article.

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