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Factory Reset Your Netgear Router –

Access to the internet has become a vital part of our routine, from work to leisure and relaxation. As so much of our day to day lives depend on the Internet, a router malfunction can, therefore, bring our lives to an abrupt halt.

With a faulty router setting, we often notice a lot of issues, such as inability to connect devices to the network, or loss in network speed or range. It is also advisable to reset the router credentials in a case where the credentials have either been compromised or forgotten. These issues threaten to slow down our productivity or hinder our much-required leisure time. Rebooting the device can solve a lot of router problems, however, issues that a reboot and other troubleshooting methods fail to solve, require us to factory reset the Netgear router so that it can be reconfigured and returned to its new like condition.

What is Factory Resetting?

A factory reset is a troubleshooting method that solves almost all of the common router problems such as loss of connectivity, inability to login etcetera. It resets the personalized settings such as the username, password, network name, and security settings to the default. This returns the router to its factory settings after which you can easily program the new settings.

Why Do We Need To Factory Reset Netgear Router?

A factory reset serves as the last troubleshooting option to rectify anomalies in the network, that is not solved by rebooting the Netgear router. The Netgear username and password can also be changed by factory reset, this often useful in situations where the users are not able to connect to the network due to forgotten credentials. Moreover, a factory reset is useful, if there is a loss of Wi-Fi range, connectivity or performance.

Precautions while resetting a Netgear router.

  1. Make sure your router is working perfectly
  2. While configuring the settings, make sure to use a different Netgear username and password so that you eliminate the problems associated with compromised network configurations.
  3. If you are unable to access the Netgear router admin settings page, try clearing the cookies from your browser, and seek alternative methods of logging in such as using the IP addresses or or or

Steps to Factory reset a Netgear Router.

Follow these steps in sequence to reset your Netgear router to factory settings successfully:

Step 1: Switch on your NetGear Router. Make sure Power light is on.

Step2: At the back of your, router you should be able to locate a hidden button marked as RESET.

Step 3: Using a needle or a similar object such as a paper clip press and hold the Reset button for about 10 seconds.

Step 4: Release the Reset button after 10 seconds, your router should have returned to factory settings.

Configuring Netgear Username and Password

Having Reset the device, the next step is to configure the settings or the router.

Configuring the router is very simple and can be done by following these steps.

Step 1: Make sure you connect your device to the router

Step 2: On your connected device, launch your default browser

Step 3: Type one of the following in the address bar of your browser or or you may even directly input your routers default IP address or followed by pressing the Enter key.

Step 4: You should be directed to a page asking for a username and password-

  • the default username for your NETGEAR router is “admin” and
  • the default password is “password”.

Enter the credentials and Log Into proceed.

Step 5: You will now reach the NETGEAR Router Configuration Panel where you can configure your username, NETGEAR router password and other settings.

Performing a Netgear Router Firmware Update:

Firmware is a particular type of software that helps to a control device’s hardware. It is essential to keep the router firmware updated so that there is no anomaly in its functioning.

Pending firmware updates are notified on the settings page. To perform the update,

  1. Click on ADVANCED>Administration>Router Update.
  2. Click YES if there is a pending update.

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