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How to update Netgear Router Firmware?

Netgear Router Firmware update

Firmware is a software program on the hardware device of the router. Firmware can also be defined as a set of commands (usually referred to as “programs”) that assist a device to accomplish the task it was made for; it is the backend encoding that runs the machine.

It is very important to update the firmware for its appropriate performance in a new operating system.

Netgear releases new firmware updates regularly to enhance the router’s performance. An update includes the addition various new features and it also enhances the security settings of the router.

How to check and update Netgear Router Firmware?

  1. Launch your desired web browser from your PC or Mac. You can even do that on a mobile device if it is connected to the router’s network. The most popular web browsers commonly used are, Google, Safari and Internet explorer.
  2. Type router login web address i.e. or in your web browser’s address bar.
  3. Enter your username and password once the router login window appears.
  4. The default user name is admin and the password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive.
  5. Now click on Advanced and choose administration or settings. (The label may vary; it depends on router to router.)
  6. Click on the option of Firmware Update or Router Update.
  7. Tap on Check and the router searches for new firmware.
  8. If a new firmware update is available, click on yes to start the firmware update.

Now, you may ask that why is updating the firmware so important.

A firmware update is improving your device with new and advanced operational commands, which will facilitate it to function in an enhanced manner and at a quicker pace based on the newest advancement of technology.

There is no requirement to physically swap anything; all you need to do is install the update made for your particular router device.

A firmware update has to be done because operating systems like Microsoft and Apple keep on updating on a regular basis to keep their product working in an efficient matter. In order to catch up with the OS updates, it gets important to update your router’s firmware, so that your router keeps on functional properly.

A firmware update also enhances the performance of your device by improving instruction times, speculative execution time, branch prediction, out of order execution etc.

Netgear frequently launches new firmware updates to better your router’s working. Firmware updates bring a few changes in the program to fix the bugs and glitches for improved security. Firmware updates are necessary because firmware keeps the fundamental functions of the router in check. Firmware updates enhance the experience of using the hardware and make improvements in the functionality of devices.

Most devices contain or develop bugs in their developments which are frequently corrected through the firmware updates. This is what makes firmware updates crucial for the products to run smoothly.

When some Netgear users were faced with the problem of Netgear router not working or working with slow speed, a simple fix of updating the firmware restored the problems.

So, the next time a firmware update pops up, make sure you update your Netgear Router’s firmware to keep it working smoothly and proficiently.