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Netgear Router Not Connecting to Modem? Here’s The Fix!

Are you facing issues connecting to the Modem with your Netgear router? Well, nothing to worry about. This is a rare issue, but it is not a serious one. Netgear routers are designed for smooth connectivity and fast speed, so such a connection problem does not occur usually. However, if you are facing such an issue, here are a few simple tips that can help.

1) Switch To Ethernet

If you are facing a connection problem with the modem, the first thing you must check is the connection mode. If you are using a wireless connection to connect your Netgear router with the modem, switch to an Ethernet cable. An Ethernet cable ensures a seamless connection between Modem and the router.

2) Check Internet Service

The next important step is to make sure you have seamless internet service. Connect a device to the modem via ethernet and check whether you can access the internet. If the internet is weak or not available, contact your internet service provider and register your complaint. The service provider will then send a person to your place to check the internet service. Once the internet service is restored try to connect your Netgear Router with the Modem. If the problem persists, you may try power cycling.

3) Power Cycling

The Power cycle is the process of restarting the systems. Follow the steps given below to power cycle your Netgear Router correctly.

  • Disconnect all connected devices from the router
  • Switch off the router and disconnect it from the power supply as well.
  • Wait for around 60 seconds
  • Now plug in the router and turn it on.

With this power cycling method, you can refresh your connections to resolve the issue. But if the problem persists still, you must now try hard reset for the router.

4) Rest The Router

Here’s how you can reset your router.

  • Plugin your router and turn it on.
  • Now locate the reset button on your router. The reset button is usually inside a minute hole at the backside of the router.
  • Once you find the reset button use a thin needle or a pin to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds, till the lights on your router go off.
  • Then release the button and the router will reset
  • Remember that a reset will remove all the personalized settings, and the router will be reverted to default settings. You will have to reconfigure your network by visiting after conducting a hard reset.

Now connect the modem and check whether the connection is working. If the connection is still not working, you must now check your modem.

5) Damaged Modem

Connection issues may arise if your modem is damaged. So make sure that you have a high-quality modem for your internet connection. If the modem is damaged, contact your service provider and tell them the issue. They will check your modem and repair it if possible. If repair is not possible, you will have to buy a new modem to connect your Netgear Router.


As you can see, we have tried to cover all the general cases where a Netgear Router fails to connect to the Modem. In most cases, one of these solutions will solve the problem for you, and you will have a running internet connection. However, if the problem persists you can get in touch with us.

Our experts can help you with all Netgear-related issues like upgrading setup, network configuration, security, etc. So, contact us now and we will be glad to help you out with the issue you are facing.